A cooperative unit of people or things, marked by similarity, coming together to become one.

About Cannabis Insight Collective

Cannabis Insight Collective (trademark) is a living, breathing community of people brought together by their connection to the cannabis industry. We exist to uncover cultural and consumer trends within the category. Our purpose is understand real people in real-time through custom research, to help move the industry and brands towards success by being smarter. We solve business problems by understanding the customer’s point-of-view, opinions and preferences, driving brand growth through inspiration for strategic opportunities and ideas.


By interacting and engaging with real people in real-time, we have a finger on the pulse of this community to grow understanding.


In a rapidly evolving category, we use culture as a lens to understand market intelligence about cannabis consumers.


Through bespoke activities to ideation and innovation workshops, we help you take cannabis understanding from insight to action.


Approaching a category in the midst of rapid change, which still holds a negative stigma for some, is delicate. The members of the Cannabis Insight Collective can trust that their experiences will be private, authentic and transparent. They can believe that their opinions matter, and that they will drive progress in this industry by coming together as one to collaborate and share their critical and honest thinking. And as a woman and minority-owned business, first and foremost, we aim to treat everyone kindly and equally. We are all one collective.


Payal Shah

I’ve spent the last two decades working in leadership roles within advertising agencies, working on a spectrum of clients, focused on understanding how cultural paradigm shifts and trends impact people, their behaviors and brand choices. My knowledge and experience is grounded in creating and cultivating collectives of all sizes and shapes, for many clients, to address a variety of challenges. My experience, along with a compassion and conviction for the cannabis industry, make me want to be an advocate to take this movement forward.

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