Every day, cannabis is being legalized in more and more states across the United States, and it looks like the end of prohibition is in sight.

But legalization does not reverse the negative racial disparities of cannabis arrests and convictions, which historically happened more frequently in areas where people of color lived.

As responsible business owners in the cannabis industry, we need to support the reversal of this harm and create a legal and fair cannabis market, accessible to all.

Cannabis Insight Collective is committed to supporting social equity in the cannabis market, and treating everyone fairly and respectively, through:

A percentage of CIC's revenue will be donated to the advancement of minority-owned cannabis businesses.

The Cannabis Insight Collective will be representative of the entire United States population.

We will continue to advocate to make sure new and existing laws that impact the cannabis industry are fair and equitable.

As the cannabis industry flourishes, the National Cannabis Industry Association partnered with the Minority
Cannabis Business Association to create the nation's first Model Municipal Social Equity Ordinance.

Six Recommendations for Social Equity Programs in the cannabis industry:

1. Repair the damage to individuals caused by discriminatory enforcement of prohibition

2. Create more equitable licensing outcomes through the application process

3. Ensure the industry reflects the local community

4. Address financial barriers to market entry

5. Support companies and individuals entering the industry from disproportionately-impacted communities

6. Invest tax revenue in communities harmed by prohibition

Learn more about NCIA's Policy Council report on Social Equity >

This report provides a roadmap on how businesses can embrace and support diversity and inclusion of those
communities impacted disproportionately by cannabis prohibition.